Wellness Webinars and Coaching

Wellness Webinars

The Business Case for Wellness Webinars

  • A person’s wellness and well-being impacts their work performance and ability to lead.  Burnout and stress in the workforce is at an all time high.  
  • Well-being is a key indicator of emotional intelligence (EQ-i), which is integral to effective leadership.   
  • Employees are looking to their company and their leadership to support their physical, emotional and mental health.  Group wellness programming helps employees feel connected and supported in a cost-effective manner.  
  • Action-oriented wellness programming reduces health care costs, turnover and absenteeism.  Health care costs due to mental and emotional health issues have spiked due to Covid, remote work, and the potential re-entry to office conditions.    

Strong Ratings and Feedback from Participants.

  • “Loved the wellness session, it was explained really well, felt very relevant, and great ideas of how to realistically implement wellness improvements in my life.”
  • “These sessions provide realistic advice and steps that are actionable in even the short term.”
  •  “I felt very connected to the speaker and came out with hope that I would be supported in my journey to wellness. We can do this together!” 
  • “The speaker was great, very lively and informed and a straight talker, which I appreciate.”  

The Program.

  • Three-part webinar series hosted by a certified executive wellness coach.   Each session will be a mix of theory, application, engagement and fun.  Participants will learn easy to apply action-oriented steps to improving their health and well-being. 
  • Sessions delivered via Zoom, 60 minutes in duration. Suggested cadence is 30 days apart.  Participants can engage via chat. Break-out groups can be incorporated, depending on the size of the group.  Participant ratings for this series have been excellent.  
  • Contact us to learn more about how this program can support the health and wellness of your teams and groups of employees. 

Wellness Coaching

What is your Wellness Vision?

Everyone has their own unique definition of wellness. Wellness is not just what we put in our body and our level of physical fitness. Wellness is comprised of all the elements that make us complete, healthy, mindful and well-balanced. If you were to define your long-term Wellness Vision, what would it look like? Wellness coaching with a certified health coach may be the piece that is missing from your journey to peak performance. Wellness programs with well trained and experienced coaches not only increases employee satisfaction and retention, it reduces health care costs. 

Elements of your Wellness Vision may include:

  • Fit, strong, and at your ideal weight 
  • Eating in a manner that fuels your body and mind
  • High energy and balanced under stress
  • Positive and optimistic thoughts
  • Present, mindful, and engaged
  • Satisfying career that has  work-life balance
  • Life satisfaction 
  • Positive relationships with family and friends
  • Success at setting and achieving goals
  • Conscious and deliberate intentions and actions 

How does wellness coaching work?

A ICF certified wellness coach meets you where you are and works with you to define to your wellness vision and goals. A coach serves as a sounding board within a safe space to help you leverage your strengths to overcome challenges and keep you on track to achieve your goals. By viewing obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, a coach can inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you might do alone. Coaching sessions usually are 45 minutes in duration with a cadence of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your goals.

A wellness coaching journey begins with a wellness assessment and discovery session. The assessment and discovery session will help identify strengths, motivators, challenges and aids in goal setting. The agenda for each coaching meeting is set by the client, while keeping the long-term plan of achieving wellness goals top of mind.