What is a Sea Change?


A “sea change” is commonly viewed as a substantial change in perspective or transformation. For businesses, this means continuously innovating and seizing market opportunities in order to create sustainable, profitable growth. For individuals and teams, a sea change can occur when people trust their internal compass to lead with conscious intention and balance during changing tides.  Leadership and coaching programs help individuals with self-discovery, goal setting, and a path forward to achieve success, peak performance, and ultimate well-being.  When we see ourselves and others more clearly, it becomes easier to navigate calm and stormy seas.   

Business Consulting & Coaching Services

Business Consulting Services


What keeps most business owners and corporate leaders up at night?  Identifying the next source of sustainable profitable growth, often with limited resources to pursue it.  Sea Change Growth works with leadership teams on business development, business strategy, marketing strategy, partnerships, implementation, and succession planning.  In addition to strategy work, Sea Change Growth can work as a "temporary Chief Operating Officer" to assist with change and implementation of  business initiatives.  Sea Change Growth also works with business owners on exit strategies, including options for the profitable sale of their business or family transition.

Executive Coaching


What does authentic, conscious leadership and balance mean to you and your teams?  Sea Change Growth is an executive coaching firm that works with executives and their teams to break through the boundaries that hold them back from maximizing their growth potential and leadership skills. The principals of Sea Change Growth believe that when individuals work with conscious intention and learn to trust their inner compass to guide them through changing tides, all boats rise. Through a process of self-discovery and committing to personal responsibility, individuals are able to see themselves and others more clearly, which provides more clarity in challenging times. Sea Change Growth also works with high performing leaders to find work-life balance, which is critical for peak performance and overall satisfaction.  

Wellness Coaching


What does peak wellness mean to you?  Sea Change Growth works with individuals to develop a wellness vision and an achievable development plan to reach it.  A wellness vision can include all aspects of your life, including: mind, body, spirit, emotions, and career development.  The action plan  to achieve a wellness vision leverages an individual's strengths and self-determination to overcome obstacles.  Group wellness options include, but are not limited to: wellness presentations, corporate wellness programs, "lunch and learns", and wellness program evaluations.