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Business Consulting & Coaching Services

Business Consulting Services


What keeps most business owners up at night?  Identifying the next source of sustainable, profitable growth, often with limited resources to pursue it.  The founder of Sea Change Growth has strong business ownership experience and understands the challenges of moving an organization to the next level, including the need for succession and exit plans for owners. Sea Change Growth works with organizations and non-profits on business development, strategy, and implementation.

Executive Coaching


What is your "Growth Edge"? Sea Change Growth works with executives to break through the boundaries that hold them back from maximizing their growth potential and leadership skills. When “Growth Edges” are identified, moving towards resolution becomes more clear. Coaching plans focus on strengths, leadership, and strategies for maintaining emotional balance and a healthy lifestyle while pursuing career goals. 

Wellness Coaching


What does peak wellness mean to you?  Sea Change Growth works with individuals to develop a wellness vision and an achievable action plan to reach it.  The action plan leverages an individual's strengths and self-determination to overcome obstacles.  Group wellness options include, but are not limited to: wellness presentations, corporate wellness programs, "lunch and learns", and wellness program evaluations. 

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