Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Training

Are you ready for a Sea Change?

What’s a sea change?

A “sea change” is commonly viewed as a substantial change in perspective, or a transformation. Our mission is to help individuals and teams create a sea change through powerful executive coaching and leadership development training. Our vision is to help leaders ignite their passion, live their purpose and achieve maximum personal and professional success.

We believe that high-performing teams are built with intention and high-performing team principles. We also believe that effective leaders prioritize their health and well-being, continuously seek enhanced emotional intelligence and employ authentic, conscious leadership skills. When we grow as leaders, we are better able to see ourselves and others more clearly when navigating calm and stormy seas. Are you ready for a sea change?

Unleash your potential.

Executive Coaching

What holds you back from maximizing your leadership potential?

Sea Change is an executive coaching firm that works with executives to break through the boundaries that hold them back from maximizing their growth potential, leadership skills and overall well-being.

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Leadership Programs

What could you achieve if you had more intentional, conscious leaders and high-performing teams?

Sea Change provides customized leadership programs and workshops based on the principles of intentional, conscious leadership, emotional intelligence and high-performing teams. These programs are customized to your unique business challenges and opportunities.

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Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0

Did you know that one of the strongest drivers of leadership success and overall well-being is emotional intelligence?

For almost 20 years, consultants and organizations have trusted the science that underpins the EQ-i 2.0® to help improve human performance. Sea Change is certified in emotional intelligence and provides EQ-i® and EQ360 assessments, team reports and coaching.

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Wellness Programs

Did you know that group wellness programs can cost-effectively improve employee health, connection and retention?

Employees expect their company to support their physical, emotional and mental health. Group wellness programming helps employees feel connected and supported in a cost-effective manner. Action-oriented wellness programming enhances outcomes and attendance.

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Our mission is to maximize the leadership potential and well-being of emotionally intelligent, conscious leaders through powerful executive coaching and leadership development training.

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