Levels of Resistance

Walking an older dog can be similar to a leadership journey.

Transformation Tuesday: Levels of resistance. 

Walking my 16 year-old Bichon reminds me of a leadership journey. When my dog’s mind is open, he can walk for miles. When his mind is not open to exploring, he goes through very distinct levels of resistance. 

  • Stage One: A gentle but definitive tug on the leash to indicate his patience is wearing thin. 
  • Stage Two: A firm yank on the leash to say that this game called ‘walking’ should end. 
  • Stage Three: A full entrenchment of his heels or lying down to clearly show his cooperation is over. 

Leaders can also go through these stages of resistance: one moment they are open to feedback and new ideas, and other times they are entrenched, closed and defensive.  

Executive coaching helps leaders explore when they are in a stage of resistance and if that stage is serving them. This is just one of the many benefits of executive coaching. Interested in learning more about coaching? Let’s talk.