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Levels of Resistance

Transformation Tuesday: Levels of resistance.  Walking my 16 year-old Bichon reminds me of a leadership journey. When my dog’s mind is open, he can walk for miles. When his mind is not open to exploring, he goes through very distinct levels of resistance.  Leaders can also go through these stages of resistance: one moment they are open […]

Leadership Legacy

Transformation Tuesday: Leadership Legacy.  How do you want to be remembered?  True leaders think about their leadership legacy throughout their careers, not just at the end.  Building a transformational leadership style requires introspection, reflection on your values, building connections with others, and thoughtful planning.  In a world filled with endless emails, reports and meetings, it […]

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Transformation Tuesday: Eight seconds. One pass. Many voices saying you’re passed your prime.  So many voices could have been in Tom Brady’s head last night. But one voice appears to have dominated: we will win. Brady’s mindfulness and ability to perform under pressure, down 13 points with only three minutes on the clock against the Saints, […]